Poland celebrates Christmas

How Poland is celebrating Christmas: Wigilia kicks it all off with a star

This year, 2020, the solstice evening on Dec. 21 will feature the Great Conjunction, the meeting in our night sky of Jupiter and Saturn into one special Christmas star (or rather the two planets will be 0.1 degree off from each other for a very short period of time around 7:20 in the evening, Poland time, on that night).

Denmark permit offshore gas link to Poland

Denmark grants permit for offshore gas link to Poland

A project to build a gas link between Denmark and Poland has been granted permits allowing it to run through Danish waters, officials said on Friday.
The Danish Energy Agency said the permits have been granted by the country’s minister for climate, energy and supply.

Polish airline flights to San Francisco

Polish airline to launch flights to San Francisco

Polish state-owned airline LOT has said it will launch direct flights from Warsaw to San Francisco next August.
The national carrier announced the move after US President Donald Trump said last week he had officially agreed to allow Polish tourists and businesspeople to travel to America without visas.


Poland to join U.S. visa waiver program after decades-long campaign

The United States has formally nominated Poland for entry into its visa waiver program, making it easier for Poles to visit America.
The program allows pre-approved travelers from participating countries to visit the U.S. for up to 90 days without obtaining a non-immigrant visitor visa.

Poland air hub

An air hub for Poland

An international airport with connecting railways and roads seems like a promising project that will propel Poland into the future, but not everyone thinks it’s a great idea.