5 most unusual restaurants in Poland

Poland is a truly unique country, truly hospitable and unusual. There are a lot of attractions and simply amazing places that can amaze even the most spoilt tourists and travelers. Thus, several rather unusual restaurants are among the most memorable places in Poland. We suggest you look into each of them and find out what their uniqueness is.

CoToToJe – insect dishes, which are bred at a special Warsaw factory.

A few years ago, in the capital of Poland – Warsaw opened a restaurant CoToToJe, the most unusual in which is the menu. The fact is that it serves insect dishes, which are bred at a special Warsaw factory. The menu features locusts, flour gristle larvae, zofobas, crickets and silkworm larvae. Facility’s owners prepare the menu with scorpions, tarantulas and African snails for those, who love surprises and original ideas. By the way, such unusual cuisine is not just a desire to distinguish itself – the restaurant’s owners are sure that such food is much healthier than usual meat.

Сafé workshop of Polish clothes designer Ioanna Klimas

Another amazing Warsaw’s catering facility is the café workshop of Polish clothes designer Ioanna Klimas. Cafe’s interior is decorated in the style of refined minimalism. In the daytime, the cozy room is illuminated with natural light through huge windows, and in the evening, the room reigns in pleasant twilight. Sitting over a cup of fragrant coffee with fresh pastries you can browse through books about art, style and fashion, or you can look at the designer’s studio and watch the process of creating models.


The third unusual restaurant in Warsaw is called UKucharzy. This restaurant was marked with a special sign Bib Gourmand of Michelin Main Cities of Europe guide. Restaurant critics highly appreciated both the taste qualities of dishes, and the level of customer service. However, facility’s main feature is its unusual atmosphere. The thing is that it functions in Europejski Hotel’s kitchen. Restaurant’s visitors become real guests at the cooks’ kitchen. All dishes are cooked right in front of their eyes. And on the tables they are served literally by everyone, who passes by. It always makes an indelible impression on visitors.


The capital’s Przystanek restaurant also makes an equally striking impression. It used to be the most ordinary bus. And when the bus fleet was renewed, someone decided not to write it off and turn it into a no less necessary place for the residents of Warsaw. Now the restaurant-bus stands on the territory of the club ‘Delta’. Its appearance absolutely doesn’t resemble a restaurant, but inside you will be offered delicious tea and fragrant pancakes or any other dessert. By the way, here they often shoot scenes for various films or arrange photo sessions.

18th century Restaurant – PodAniolami in Krakow

Restaurant PodAniolami in Krakow welcomes visitors in a building built in the 18th century. It once housed jewelry workshops. Restaurant’s calendar dates back to the 13th century and therefore, they tried to convey the atmosphere of the Middle Ages here as much as possible. Gothic vaulted ceilings and powerful walls perfectly contribute to it. Many dishes and cooks cook in the style of past centuries. By the way, the cuisine here is traditional Polish. Therefore, those, who come here to have dinner, have every chance to feel like the real Rzeczpospolita.

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