Warsaw company created first biodegradable, plastic-free chocolate bar wrappings

As a way to ‘fill a gap in the growing market of sweets and vegan products’ a Warsaw firm has come up with a new vegan chocolate bar which will be wrapped in revolutionary biodegradable packaging.

In 2017, the organic segment of the global market developed the most dynamically compared to other segments. For example, in the U.S., 40% of the population choose organic goods.

A proprietary blend of fully biodegradable, compostable paper packaging, the Las Vegan’s chocolate bars’ unique wrappings from Manufaktura Czekolady/Chocolate Story are 100 percent plastic free and will be the first on the market to replace silverware and foil.

Co-founder of Manufaktura Czekolady/Chocolate Story and a member of the supervisory board of Las Vegan’s, Tomasz Sienkiewicz, said: “In the first stage of production, we plan to implement three product lines. The first will include chocolate bars in cardboard envelopes made of recycled material.

“There will be, among others, dark chocolate and chocolates with raspberries and oranges. The second product line will include fruits, nuts, almonds and cocoa beans in chocolate.

“The third, most important line are chocolate bars, machine-packed in innovative packaging material made of compostable paper. This line of products will not only be economical but with fully biodegradable paper packaging.

“Las Vegan’s offer will include vegan chocolates made of only natural raw materials from organic farming.” 

He also said that they can “create packages in which chocolate can be safely stored for at least 12 months”. Nowadays, the packaging made of plastic and foil for chocolate bars, which cannot be composted, can last up to 80 years and may even then exist in the form of microplastic that pollutes the environment, the new biodegradable packaging will be a welcome solution for chocolate lovers.

The company is a subsidiary of the Czech Chocolate History Manufactory, which opened in Warsaw in 2009.

The idea for the vegan chocolate and wrapping came from the three owners who are dedicated vegans themselves.

Sienkiewicz said: “The idea to create a 100 percent vegan brand has been sprouting in us for a long time. It is the result of observing trends and behaviours of consumers, as well as our own – all three of us have been on a vegetarian diet for a long time.

This trend in production is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and plans to develop in the next 10 years. So that most companies began to produce a product of such high quality.

“Already 1 million Poles are vegetarians and vegans and as many as 2 million plan to switch to such a diet Equally important is the fact that almost 12 percent of Poles do not drink milk and do not eat dairy products, and almost the same number do not eat eggs and egg products. 

“We noticed that there is a shortage of vegan milk chocolates on the market, which not only have a good composition but are also tasty and at the same time they are in line with ecological trends. We want to fill the gap in the growing market of sweets and vegan products time.”

Organic products are very popular. Their reputation is much better than genetically modified products that have long been in disgrace, although they can save the planet from hunger. Some manufacturers produce organic products for ideological reasons: they sincerely believe that modern technology makes products worse, while organic is useful and natural.

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